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Abstract Blue Trivet
Abstract Blue Trivet
Abstract Blue Trivet
Abstract Blue Trivet
Abstract Blue Trivet

Artisan Story

Craft Link is a Vietnamese non-profit, fair trade organization working with the country’s local artisans to improve their livelihoods and living conditions by marketing their handcrafted products around the world. The organization’s goal is to help these artisans earn fair wages and live happy lives, all while reviving their culture. This happens when people buy their goods.

Craft Link supports more than 60 artisan groups around Vietnam. Nearly half are ethnic minorities, and a quarter of them represent disadvantaged groups. About a third are from traditional villages. Craft Link is guided by a steering committee of independent Vietnamese citizens and representatives from nongovernmental organizations. Craft Link does not work with state-owned factories or joint ventures. It prefers to work with skilled artists who are producing the works of art, with a passion to help those who are poor and disadvantaged -- people who do not already have access to markets.

Craft Link uses the money it makes to pay the artisans fair wages, development activities, and new projects for the artisans. It is the leading organization in Vietnam to help preserve the culture, tradition, and heritage of the country’s artisans.


Total Fat (g): g %
Saturated Fat (g): g %
Monounsaturated Fat (g): g %
Polyunsaturated Fat (g): g %
Cholesterol (mg): mg %
Total Carbohydrate (g): g %
Dietary Fiber (g): g %
Protein (g): g %
Sodium (mg): mg %
Potassium (mg): mg %
Calcium (mg): mg %
Iron (mg): mg %
Zinc (mg): mg %
Vitamin C (mg): mg %
Vitamin A (i.u.): IU %
Vitamin A (r.e.): RE %
Vitamin B6 (mg): mg %
Vitamin B12 (mcg): mcg %
Thiamin B1 (mg): mg %
Riboflavin B2 (mg): mg %
Folacin (mcg): mcg %
Niacin (mg): mg %
Caffeine (mg): mg

*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

Abstract Blue Trivet

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Crafted in: India

Bring a little history to your table. Nature-inspired trivets made from blue pottery, a centuries-old craft still practiced in the city of Jaipur, and named for the hand-painted blue finish. Foam feet on bottom protect your table. Wipe clean. 6"sq.