Stella's Story

The movie "A Dog's Purpose" tells the story of a reincarnated canine who comes back again and again to comfort and walk alongside humans. I loved that movie because I now know that I have purpose and meaning too. My name is Stella and I'm a Human Rescuer.

When I was young the human thought I was ugly. My body was shaped weird, legs too short, hair fell out in patches and I probably wasn't going to make my human any money. So the human dropped me at the local high-kill shelter in Texas where I was immediately put on death row. Was this my purpose? To die? 

With few hours to live, I was snatched by some humans who put me into a car. I weighed about 10 lbs so I traveled easily. We traveled all the way to Florida. But it wasn't long before a human said something about "supposed to arrive in Maryland" and I was back in the car. Was this my purpose? To travel?

After many many days of traveling I arrived at the home of a human named Chris. I met lots of dogs who all told me about how they had just traveled for many days too! And they explained that we're all here for a purpose. That our purpose was to comfort and walk alongside humans. And from that moment I knew. I knew MY humans were waiting. Chris took very good care of me. She nursed me back to health. I gained a couple of pounds and my hair began to grow back. And I met many more humans. Yet, somehow it didn't seem right. Sometimes I growled and barked in an effort to explain that... even though I like these humans, they're not MY humans.

Every day I looked out the window and waited. Sometimes I thought that maybe MY humans would never come. Christine took a picture of me waiting in hopes that MY humans might see. She posted it on Facebook. I was sick with worry.

Then one day, there they were! MY humans! My spirit jumped. We instantly connected and I licked their faces to give my approval. This was the family I was to rescue. This was my purpose. (They did look pitiful, didn't they?) Thank you TRU Rescue for my health care, my travel expenses all the way from Texas to Florida and up to Maryland, for nursing me back to health and for giving me a life of purpose. 

For the months of June and July MY humans are raising money and awareness of Check them out on Facebook, like and share their posts, and consider getting involved. I met many other canines along the way whose stories were so much worse than mine. We have a lot of work to do!

For every new customer who spends $100, Locally Seasoned will donate $20. For every returning customer who spends $65, Locally Seasoned will donate another $10. Please visit and learn about this amazing group of humans and their selfless work. And LIKE TRU Rescue on Facebook to see all my canine friends still waiting to rescue their humans.

Thank you from the bottom of my belly...Stella


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  • Julie Craven

    Incredibly heartwarming. We just said our last goodbyes to a beloved family dog (Stella) 18 years of age who will be relieved of her suffering. I saw written on a pet memorial stone. You were our favourite hello and our hardest goodbye.

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