Simple Cabbage

We’re all going through a massive shift in our lives. This is a time of awakening, learning, remembering and healing. 

All my life, when faced with lack of certainty, forced change and grief, I turn to this simple truth... that we are indeed all connected. The kitchen provides the tools used by countless people before me awakening inner strength and compelling us to keep moving forward. Cooking is an act of hope. 

And whether we’re cooking for many or cooking for one, the very act of preparing even the simplest of meals touches on this very basic human truth. 

It’s possible to reach through time and across space merely by the act of cooking. Enjoying togetherness can be possible without being together...with food.

So here we are in the pandemic of 2020 with only our kitchens and our thoughts of each other. Today, I’m thinking about you, Sally. 

Watch the video SIMPLE CABBAGE


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