Life Worth Tasting

Bolognese...The Comfort of a Good Meal

Why me? Why us? What kind of person? Ever find yourself stuck here? Yeah let's take a look at that for a moment.   There were times during childhood when what little we had was threatened. Either we didn't have enough money for food or clothing, or we were alienated for our lifestyle and it didn't feel safe out there....

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Simple Cabbage

We’re all going through a massive shift in our lives. The Pandemic of 2020 is a time of awakening, learning, remembering and healing. Cooking is an act of hope.   

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Qabili Palau, the national dish of Afghanistan

There were times when guests were coming and going at such a pace it was hard to remember names and faces. During one of these times, one young woman stood out. Zarmina was from Afghanistan and was brought to the United States for surgeries to correct a rare condition in her left hand called gigantism. The concern was that Zarmina...

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Chili and Powdered Milk Biscuits

Long before we became the Pritchards, Billy had a lazy eye and stuttered. Dad used to tell us how his school would line children up from recess with the smartest kids in the front. He would chuckle sadly and say how he was always last in line and remembered wearing a dunce cap. He said he stuttered so bad he...

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Herb Oils, Driftwood and Jungalow

As a young family, we were collectors. Not in the way you’re thinking. We collected old wood, worn rugs, bits and pieces from trash piles, broken pottery, old bones and just about anything handmade from a yard sale. Gifts we relished included bags of used stuff we called “IJ” (interesting junk) and brightly painted crafts from anywhere. Tables were draped...

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